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19th Aug 2022

Age Range
All ages

Maynooth Community Library

Creative Theatre/Cruthú amharclannaíochta le Clíona de Brí - Maynooth Library

Make a show based on your favourite book/story. We will work with masks and puppets, mime and movement, for building a piece of theatre.

Workshops exploring masks in theatre; construction of masks or puppets using materials from the recycling bin and how to create a mini performance using the masks we've made, very simple costume changes, and puppet/ object manipulation.

The children will first be introduced to mime and movement techniques using games and some focus on corporeal movement. For example, how to lift a box or to haul up a sail, how to row a boat or jump from a height or how to show a chase through a forest all while staying in the same spot. We will then explore characterisation using the basic points of articulation, such as leading with different parts of the body to find how a particular character walks and talks and eats.

Venue Maynooth Community Library, aimed at 7-12 year olds

Cruthú amharclannaíochta le Clíona de Brí – seó gairid bunaithe ar leabhar nó scéal le drámaíocht agus scéalaíocht. Mascanna agus puipéid a úsáid mar chuid den scéal-insint chomh maith le geáitsí agus gluaiseachtaí.

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