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1st Oct 2021
to 31st Dec 2021

Age Range
All ages

Creative Waterford Crafts Exhibition Curation

Creative Waterford and Waterford City and County Council Local Enterprise Office plan to showcase the excellent creativity in crafts on offer in Waterford through an exhibition of work expertly overseen by a professional curator.

The overarching role of the curator is to attract excellent contemporary craft makers to show their work via the medium of photography and via an exhibition which will take place in 2022. A curator brings expertise and skill to this project and will arrange a brief and theme suitable for the nature of craft work. The curator will assess applications by the craft works and will arrange for suitable venues for the exhibition. High quality photography is essential to showing the creativity in craft work, and the curator is tasked with sourcing and briefing a photographer who is most suitable for the work.

Communicating the vision and values of the showcase and ensuring a wide and diverse audience is attracted to seeing the work is an essential aspect of this project, and the curator will assist in preparing text and image to represent each piece of work, as well as the vision of each craft maker in their practice.

While the nature of crafts is very diverse and can mean different things to each audience and each maker, Waterford is synonymous with glass making in particular. The curator of the showcase may consider including glass work in the exhibition, as well as other crafts which are less well identified with this county but nonetheless has a

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