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15th May 2021
to 10th Dec 2021

Age Range
All ages

Cúltír - Hinterland

Cúltír is a vibrant one hour television show championing the arts in Fingal with music, song, art, literature and poetry at the heart of each episode. In addition to the production Cúltír provides short films and social media content to generate renewed interest, engagement and debate around the best characteristics of Fingal's identity and community.

Each programme is punctuated with interviewees and contributors from Fingal between performances filmed on location or at a site of meaning or merit. Critically the production will embrace and involve people and interested parties from local communities, locations and sites in the production process in effect creating a mini-festival in each and every location in which we film.

Three beautifully produced county ‘character’ or profile type films will further underpin each part of every episode. These insert films focus on a variety of stories taking the viewing audience out across Fingal to showcase heritage sites, iconic locations, cultural facilities and arts initiatives.

The primary remit of the production is to deploy its resources to bring together musicians, writers and artists from that county to perform, share and participate in a unique celebration. Cúltír seeks to amplify and enhance a sense of belonging and pride of place rooted in indivdual counties and communities. We share that celebration with a local, regional, national and international audience involving local communities in the production.

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