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1st Jun 2023
to 31st Aug 2023

Age Range
All ages

Cultural Map of the Glen of Glenties

The aim of this project is to research and create a map focusing on the rich cultural heritage of the Glen of Glenties and surrounding area.

The Glen of Glenties is home to a wealth of cultural history and folklore stretching back to pre-historic times up to the 20th century. This includes ring forts e.g. Lios Chailleog, Rath on Loch Anna, battle sites, burial sites, dolmens, aspects of trade and survival e.g. tuck mill, lime kilns, an ecclesiastical teaching site from the 18th / 19th century, sites connected with the period 1916-1923, old dance halls, shops that no longer exist, houses where the Simey Doherty family (tinsmiths & musicians) stayed and performed, sites of hidden treasure and many more. There will be a strong focus on townland names and placenames, with particular attention paid to the Irish language sources. Placenames can animate the landscape and demonstrate how people survived through the centuries often against the odds. The project will take a wide view of folklore and encompass the oral tradition, material culture and ritual celebrations of the past. I will also research manuscript collections from the area including the Schools Collection, 1937-38 and the Main Manuscript Collection held at the National Folklore Collection in UCD. In the course of this project I will deliver a comprehensive, highly researched cultural map of the Glen of Glenties and surrounding area. 

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