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8th Mar 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
13 - 17

Dalal’s Story – Escape from War to Live in Peace

Dalal's Story - “Escape from War to Live in Peace” a book which tells the story of Dalal's journey from Damascus to Waterford as herself and her family were forced to flee when the Syrian civil war escalated in 2011.

Dalal tells the story of her difficult and perilous journey from war torn Syria to Cappoquin through Iraq, Turkey and Greece with husband Amer Mohamed and their three children; Nazha (11), Judi (7) and Aziz (5)  in the words of Dalal “so people can understand who we are and how difficult our journey was”.

Dalal was born in Damascus, Syria and was studying to be a teacher but was unable to finish her final year because of the war which started in 2011. This was the beginning of her journey as a refugee which was dangerous and extremely difficult for herself and her family. This is a story of resilience and of a desire to connect with her new community in Cappoquinn and tell her story: “I wrote this story so people would understand that we had homes and lives in Syria and we didn’t want to leave and come to Ireland, we had no choice.”

Copies of Dalal's book are available to rent from all Waterford City & County libraries.

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