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17th Sep 2021
to 31st Dec 2021

Age Range
13 - 17

Deans Lake

Kiltyclogher Heritage Centre and artist Laura McMorrow are developing a project with local teenagers based on a true story about Dean's lake told by the late musician Ben Lennon. Laura will meet with the teenagers to make a stopmotion animation of this humorous and charming story. They will explore simple stopmotion techniques using cut paper, collage and drawing as well as developing a soundtrack and sound effects for the final animation. A screening event in Kiltyclogher will take place as a celebration of the creativity and enthusiasm of the young people and in particular to share the Dean’s Lake story with the next generation. Date t.b.c.

The story of Dean’s Lake: One cold winter, many years ago Dean’s lake near Kiltyclogher became frozen over. The young people in the area ventured out onto the lake delighted with the novelty of this weather phenomenon. Someone brought Master Gallagher’s gramophone and placed it on the frozen lake. Those there danced and cycled swirling on the frozen surface to the sound of the gramophone music. All of a sudden the ice began to crack and everyone rushed from the lake leaving the gramophone floating on the broken ice in the middle of the lake, still playing its jaunty music. As the water lapped over the ice, the gramophone slowly sank from view, the strains of music disappearing into the lake as the young people, now safe on the edge, watched in disbelief,unable to save the gramophone from being swallowed into the deep waters.

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