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30th Aug 2021
to 31st Dec 2021

Age Range
All ages

Dialann Dúlra – Bí i do Bhleactaire Dúlra! (Wildlife Diaries – Become a wildlife detective!)

Dialann Dúlra – Created by author Richie Conroy and Illustrated by Don Conroy

These wildlife diaries can be used by all the family and are suitable for all ages. They are as Gaeilge and inform the reader about the wonderful birds that exists in their locality. The diaries act as a detective pack that can be used to log how many different species you have spotted. As well as noting where and when the birds were spotted and what the weather conditions were like at the time, you can also learn how to draw the birds and their environs step by step for your own personal record.

Free copies of this book are availbale throughout Kildare Library and Arts Services. You can also borrow a copy of this book through Kildare Library Service.

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