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10th Jun 2023

Age Range
All ages

The Loft

Unit 6
Port Road
F92 WEW8

Discrimination and Inclusion

World Wide Voices is an international group made up of students hailing from all around the world, who want to make it easier for young people to integrate and feel part of the community here.

They will be in acting a dramatised play that shows discrimination and inclusion within black and minority groups, talking/acting about their experiences and telling their story through acting and music.

Some people will be talking about the struggles of living in the IPASS centre and what challenges they face.

Feeling you do not belong in a society that is unforgiving can be hard and the struggles of attending college, getting jobs, when you have very little, contributes.

Being included in projects like this is what we need as mostly you feel excluded in events that target BME communities.

This event was born out of a group discussion, where the young people were divided into two groups and they came together with an idea of a show/musical. This was entirely their idea/voices and they had facilitators to help facilitate the process.

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