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Documentary Film working with youth of Westmeath by Sarah Jane Foster

7th Sep 2020
to 18th Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

Through interviews and the use of rare and unseen historical footage, photos and other archival material this documentary will depict the community values within Westmeath by promoting young people and the wider community to engage in the Arts and Community in Westmeath.

For the Artists we have Joe Dolan, Foster&Allen, The Swarbriggs, Brendan Shine, Niall Horan, The Academic. The writers Josephine Hart, Anne Griffin. Performers we have Mark Irwin, Emmett Cahill, John Count McCormack, Niamh Algar. The Historian we have Ruth Illingworth. This is not a coincidence all of these people came from Westmeath. You very often hear people saying “what is it in the water in Westmeath?” When in fact it is the community of Westmeath that grows and nurtures these successful people to give them the skills to develop their talents and to encourage them on their path to their dreams of becoming who they are now.

This documentary will showcase where they came from and how they got to where they are from their roots of Westmeath. The young people of Westmeath will be involved in the making of this documentary to enable them to explore their own creativity. They will get an insight to the filming making process by being involved in the research, the filming, the photography, the lighting, the interviewing, the editing and the marketing and they will even be credited in the documentary. They will see this community project come to fruition.

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