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Dodo Reddan Project - School Art Workshop

Draw Out aims to engage with the community through facilitating a workshop in St Augustines School, Sexton St with artist Catherine O'Halloran. The artist will work with a group of youths to create original pieces of art inspired by the Dodo Reddan mural that was unveiled in April of 2021. Dodo was a Limerick legend who was famous for supporting Young Munster Rugby and fostering and saving many dogs whom she brought around in her pram.

The workshop will be facilitated by an artist of our choice and the participants will be given a brief to work from which they can then interpret for themselves in any way they see fit. The creative process leading to the final piece is what the workshop is all about. Draw Out will then photograph the artists and their pieces to be shared on our website and for the participants to keep. 

Participants are aged 12-16 and these 4 workshops are open to those in the school only. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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