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1st May 2022
to 1st Jul 2022

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All ages

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Doochary Heritage Project

This project's purpose is to play n integral part a heritage project for the Gaeltacht Village of Doochary, Donegal. The funding from the Donegal Culture and Creativity, Creative Ireland funding would allow us access the support of a professional photographer Jacqui Reed Devenny to document the Village Seniors involved in a remembrance project and their homesteads, the Adair evictions cottages and other relevant areas around the village- fields, historic structures such as the Ice House etc..  Her ethereal and atmospheric black and white photographs, will suit the representation of our village’s traditional way of life and experience fits perfectly in the ethos we wish to convey. The images of these elderly residents will stand as a testimony to their contribution to the life of this Gaeltacht village. It will preserve a way of life, language and folklore that is quickly disappearing.

Funding has also been received from the Community Foundation to undertake the gathering of stories from seniors and mapping the local village.  The culmination of this project will be a publication and the resource will be available to participants, families, and heritage researchers and broader afield.  Reminiscence projects support the health and confidence of participants. It will have wider benefit to the local community instilling a pride in place, heritage and Irish language.

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