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1st Oct 2020
to 30th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

Dramatic Storytelling

This sixteen-week project will aim to reenergise creative drama classes and develop potential new productions in storytelling for children and the arts. This project will provide a new stimulus for GSD School of Drama. The Drama school provides classes in drama, creative drama, speech & drama, musical theatre and elocution for children, youth, and adults.

A platform for youth and children will be created to be seen and heard and to contribute to the cultural artistic tapestry that is Dundalk, Co. Louth 2020. The project will link the history and mythological culture of Louth with president day, so that children can safely learn and discover history in a contemporary fashion. The project will assist the reopening and remaining open, of GSD School of Drama so that it can continue to provide drama for children in the area.

This project will also see the merging of technology, creativity, and imagination. It will give young people a sense of space and a voice during these uncertain times. The material developed and created will be fun, energetic, and creative. Through the workshops and training, children will develop new skills, maintain performance skills, and learn more about devices and technology.  By making the performance space via online and through radio it will add a unique value to the performance and training for acting and the performing arts.

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