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Drummin Bog Project

10th Feb 2020
to 1st Jun 2021

Age Range
All ages

'Drummin Bog Arts Vision Programme",  is a 4 Part project consisting of a mentorship programme, plus two creative strategies, the "Trackway project"  and "The Banner project", culminating in a performance realisation on Drummin Bog in 2021.

This project addresses all four Carlow Culture and Creativity Strategy themes which underpin the proposed Drummin Bog trackway and Banner projects. Regenerating cultural activity in these projects strongly aligns with the four themes and urgent eco-social UN priorities. The Drummin Bog project is a local response to the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021/2031, of which Drummin Bog is a critical wetland eco system. 

The Drummin Bog project enables co-operative collaborations connecting people, and building community across South Carlow, further developing resilient relationships between diverse age groups, especially young people. The Drummin Bog Project will unify scientific ideas, archaeological knowledge, skills and most importantly creativity, in order to value, celebrate and safeguard the unique natural heritage of Carlow's Drummin Bog - the only remaining raised bog in the South East of Ireland. 

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