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Dublin City Arts and Climate Action Commission

15th Jun 2024

Age Range


1he purpose of the commission is to engage the considerable expertise of Dublin’s most experienced arts organisations to help devise innovative Arts responses to climate action with an emphasis on public engagement. The commissioned organisation will begin research and development in 2020 and present in 2021 programmes/projects leading to new behaviours that help to ameliorate climate change and/or new understanding of the challenges and opportunities arising from the climate crisis. Global climate change and degrees of warming can also be perceived as abstract concepts with limited consequences at a local or personal level, making it challenging to motivate individual actions. For this reason, making climate change a relatable social and cultural issue is a crucial part of the overall transition towards a carbon neutral society, as it is our culture that shapes how we interact with our environment – through our habits of consumption, ideas about nature, what we value as meaningful, and what we think is possible and impossible. The awarded commission went to the Dublin Theatre Festival in partnership with Brokentalkers and Algorithm. Commissioning partners - This commission is made possible by funding and support from the Creative Ireland, Programme working in partnership with Dublin City Council’s Creative Ireland Culture Team, through the City Arts Office.

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