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22nd Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

An Táin Arts Centre

Crowe Street

Dundalk Junction - Movement and Melody

This project focusses specifically on one particular aspect of Louth's built heritage - Dundalk Clarke railway station Stáisiún Dhún Dealgan Uí Cleirigh. Widely regarded as the most delightful station on the line, its two sections are connected by a Victorian covered walkway, and has fine iron, glass, and polychromic brickwork.

The project envisages the railway as not just a conduit for transit. It explores the duality of the railroad as an entity that has, on the one hand, borne witness to years of history and life stories, immigrants, émigrés and defectors, that has absorbed the music, laments, joy and conversations of generations of Louth folk, whilst on the other hand, has played a now familiar rhythmic soundtrack of timetabled chugging and hurtling along the route.

A Musical composition and short film including interviews with those involved with the railway and memories of the station, will be presented in An Táin Arts Centre along with a photographic exhibition of the process.

More details to follow. 

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