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22nd Aug 2021
to 30th Sep 2021

Age Range
All ages


Ballyporeen Community Hall
E21 CV05

Dúshraith - Patterns And Design From Everyday Rural Heritage

Our everyday rural heritage provides a foundation, or dúshraith, on which to build concepts in arts and crafts, architecture and design. This project provides a structured approach to engaging people with their everyday heritage in the Galty Vee Valley in the form of heritage workshops with adults and primary school children. Our project seeks to provide adventure and an exploratory sense of purpose to participants, encouraging wellness, sociability, and community integration.

This project will provide a community-generated online archive and permanent physical exhibition of everyday heritage in the Galty Vee Valley. This comprises both the specific (landscape, buildings, roads, bridges) and the abstract (patterns, motifs, symbols). This approach will assist in identifying elements that are characteristic of, or unique, to the area and contextualise them within their broader regional setting. It is hoped that by the promotion of our everyday heritage a reservoir of cultural knowledge will support innovation and maintain our valued everyday heritage for future generations.

Activities will take place in the Summer and Autumn of 2021, hopefully starting on the 22nd August coinciding with Heritage Week and running for three weeks in the local community hall in Ballyporeen and then moving to Scoil Teampall Toine Ballyporeen.

More information will follow so please check back here for further details in August.

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