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Easkey Street Festival Carnival of the Birds

1st Mar 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

A Carnival Parade will be the culmination of a series of artist-led workshops exploring the theme of the event, visualised and choreographed using costume, props and music. In consultation with the artists, we discussed the possibility of structuring our project on the Mass Camp methodology from Trinidad (mass meaning en masse or large groups).

Initially, we would start with a site visit to the artists' own studios giving the participants the creative context of how professional work is produced and providing creative stimulation to the project. For the next 5 days, a pop-up studio will be set up in the Factory space and in the lead-up to the carnival parade there will be drop-in workshops morning and evening in a range of different artistic disciplines related to carnival.

The story 'Birds' by writer Jack Harte uses one of the most under-exploited treasures of Easkey, the Keeve, or St Farnan's Shrine associated with Suibhne Geilt, or Mad Sweeney of Irish mythology. Although one of the most charismatic characters in folklore, and associated with places all over Ireland, no one place has laid claim to him. This gives plenty of scope for imaginative costumes, music and dance. It is also a story that is about a current environmental issue, the near-extermination of the corncrake.

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