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1st Sep 2020
to 4th Feb 2021

Age Range
All ages


East Limerick Filmmakers

East Limerick Filmmakers is a pilot project run for a Youth Film Collective based in Castletroy. The pilot project is to demonstrate the applicability of the Kildare Young Filmmakers model for a Youth Film Organisation, based on experience working in Youth Film and a need for such an organisation in Limerick. This will include a series of masterclasses and sessions designed to equip participants with a support structure to develop ambitious short films as well as mentoring.

Pete Moles has been working in the sector of Youth Film for over a decade as a freelancer primarily in the service of Fresh Film Festival, but also with other organisations. He is a founding member of the international collective of Youth Film Practitioners established in Tromso, Norway called the Youth Film Network. He assisted the Young Irish Film Makers in developing their Youth Film Development Officer position. He has produced youth film work such as the Big City Portrait, LYT's Chewing, the Fresh Blood programme and mentoring Fresh's Hothouse Programme (with the film Hero as an example of that process)

Shane Serrano is a local filmmaker currently directing Imbas Forosnai. He has worked as a mentor for young filmmakers, has shot short films, feature documentaries and music videos.

Phil Shanahan is local editor with experience working with young people and involved in post-production education.

Shane Hickey-O'Mara holds a Certificate in Directing for Theatre (NUIM) and an M.A.

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