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1st Aug 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
13 - 17 and/or 18+

Emerging Limerick Filmmakers - Summer and Autumn Programme - Year 2

ELF has proven itself as Limerick's academy for young, film creatives. Continuing the core programme modelled on the work done by other youth film organisations and informed by feedback by our membership and the specific needs of young people in the times we live in, we have fostered two communities of ambitious, honest and responsible fimmakers.

Summer/Autumn programme will continue this work. ELF is production focused and, learning from work done in 2021, they have identified the summer months as a time that we can populate with film productions.  Short films are the expression and culmination of the work we do to develop young filmmakers and to empower young people with a means of expression. These films are supported by engagement with film professionals, who have included an Oscar nominated film director, award winning cinematographers and successful representatives of the local film community.

In addition, as the group's mentor, ELF will host a series of sessions exploring the different areas of filmmaking, engaging in activities to apply lesson learned, preparing for and pitching their work to the group, developing their films as a group and, of course, watching and critically evaluating short films. Both our groups operate this way.

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