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Ennis Halloween Festival

26th Oct 2020
to 31st Oct 2020

Age Range

Two workshops will be held online as part of the Halloween Festival. 

Workshop: Lantern Making 

All materials required for this Lantern Making Workshop are provided as a 'boxed kit'. Due to Coivd 19, Ennis Halloween Festival together with Lumen Street Arts have created a filmed workshop on how to make a lantern. The project is being run in association with Ennis Holy Family School, a DEIS school.  In total, 35 kits are being provided timed for the midterm break. Kits and tuition and free. 

Workshop: Halloween Mask Making

Participants in this workshop will have to source their own kit. A simple list of easily sourced items, instructions and a filmed online workshop on how to make a Halloween mask will be provided. The workshop will be delivered by Lumen Street Arts. It is open to 100+ children who can access a time limited video throughout midterm break. The workshop will be held in association with Ennis Holy Family School. 

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