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1st Jun 2022
to 31st Oct 2022

Age Range
All ages

Faces of Clare

Faces of Clare is a short documentary film about the characters, faces and places that can be found in County Clare.

Filmmaker Óisín McKeogh will take a fly on the wall, observational approach to filmmaking, allowing the subjects involved to take control of the narrative.

This project aims to incorporate members from as many different communities in Clare as possible, providing a brief glimpse into the smaller communities that exist under the larger umbrella of Clare itself. Being such a diverse area, we feel it’s our duty to explore the many characters, backgrounds and interests that exist here.

Above all else, we want to show the FACES of Clare. Footage of as many faces as possible will make up a large section of the film; faces are the gates to the soul. Audio from several community figures describing their experiences with Clare will play over this, complementing but never taking away from the faces.

Faces of Clare will encapsulate a sense of place, showcasing our vibrant County for the rest of Ireland to see. Clare isn’t bound to one identity; it’s faces and their stories are infinite.

Screening information will be available once the filming has completed. 

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