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20th Apr 2024

Age Range

Ionad Lachtain,

St. Lachtain's Church,
Arts and Heritage Centre,

Feile Lachtain 2024 Beekeeping Lecture

Step into the enchanting world of Ionad Lachtain Feile Lachtain 2024, where a kaleidoscope of cultural and artistic marvels awaits you! Kicking off our festival’s vibrant tapestry of events is the much-anticipated “Celebrating the Gifts in Our Midst.”

Prepare to be captivated by Shane Lehane, a master beekeeper and a fervent champion of Irish vernacular craft. Shane will take you on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of beekeeping, a realm brimming with ancient customs and rich traditions. As Shane puts it, “Becoming a beekeeper is akin to being initiated into a mystical society, where learning is a lifelong quest among comrades ever eager to guide the newcomer.”

Shane’s own odyssey began with a spark of curiosity, kindled by an introductory lecture that blossomed into a series of enlightening evening talks. These sessions laid the groundwork for his beloved avocation, culminating in his triumphant beekeeping examination.

Gifted with his inaugural hive by a venerable beekeeper and a queen from a generous donor, Shane embarked on an adventure that now beckons you to join. This is your invitation to explore the secret life of bees and the spellbinding artistry of their keepers. Let’s buzz into a world of wonder together at Feile Lachtain 2024.

No equipment required.

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