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1st Sep 2020
to 10th Feb 2021

Age Range
All ages

Limerick City

Limerick City

Féile Na Gréine

Féile Na Gréine

Féile Na Gréine is an artistic led, 3 day, music and arts festival in Limerick City. This year instead of a 3 day city-wide festival, they we produce a short film (50minutes in length) that follows a select number of emerging Irish musicians and artists (5-6 bands/artists mostly from Limerick). Each artist will choose a venue (again, mostly in Limerick) that has played an important role in their creative development as an artist, and a film crew will record them playing at that venue (No audience) and record an interview of the artist in the space. The interview will span subjects such as the development of their art and practice, their history with the chosen venue, and the overall cultural importance of such small venues.

Artsits include, Gavin Da Vinci, Denise Chaila, Gid Knows and Murli

The release date will be January/ early February 2021

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