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Femme Bizarre/Louise Lowe

1st Nov 2020
to 2nd Feb 2021

Age Range
All ages

Femme Bizarre are associate artists of Solstice Arts Centre, fierce and ferocious aerial duo (Kate Finegan/Jade O'Connor) who mix aerial dance, spoken word, comedy, physical theatre, song and dance. Femme Bizarre are proposing to conduct a period of R & D with director Louise Lowe (Anu Productions), Alison Lowry ( Glass Sculptor Artist) with residents of Direct Provision at The Mosney Centre and other direct provisions locations in the county.

Through a three-week period of research and development to conduct workshops / research-led interviews at Solstice, this time will be used to explore the effects of Irish Institutionalism while unpacking the embedded ideology we place on race, class and gender. There will be direct engagement with citizens from Direct Provision centre, Co. Meath. Engagement with these citizens will involve creating a workshop style environment, where a safe, creative and equal space is made.

Louise Lowe, artistic director of Anu Productions, will lead this period of R & D and artists Femme Bizarre & Alison Lowry will create multi disciplinary work that responds to the findings they receive. This will include aerial dance ( aerial silks, vertical dance), live music composition and visual art. Under Louise’s guidance, the artists will find a way to cross pollinate these forms.

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