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27th Oct 2023
to 28th Oct 2023

Age Range

Backstage Theatre


Fergal - a play for children

Fergal is a beautiful, non-verbal show featuring one actor, live shadow puppetry and a sophisticated sound design.

Fergal, an odd-looking fellow, arrives on the beach one day. He is on his own. He plays his banjo, paints a picture, has his lunch, all by himself. The others at the beach are worried for Fergal, but he is perfectly happy all on his own.

Fergal explores concepts of individualism and solo experience. In an era of increased social anxiety, child psychologists have identified a growing fear among children of being on their own and an increased inability, among children, of solitary or individual experience. If you look up “solo” in the dictionary it will say “friendless” or “companionless.” Fergal aims to celebrate independence, being ourselves and the importance of enjoying your own company. Being alone does not mean you are lonely…

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