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1st May 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

Film Development - Longford at the time of the Irish War of Independence

Harp Media will work on developing a script to create a feature film drama based around the War of Independence.  The process will involve an initial research period where Robert and Paddy will look at primary sources from the time period while working on their initial drafts of the script. Following this, they will then begin an intense writing period where they will get a first draft of a script. After this, a number of high level actors will be called in, including Chris Walley (Young Offenders) and Aidan Quinn (Song for a Raggy Boy) and they will begin workshopping the script, allowing them to contribute and feed into their character. The next step will be to begin a follow up writing stage where they incorporate the new findings into the script. They are represented by Curtis Brown Talent Agency in the UK and the Berwick and Kovacic in the US and believe that this will help secure the funding to shoot this film in Longford in 2025.

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