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Finbar Furey Concert at Tea Lane Graveyard

28th Aug 2019

Age Range
All ages

Tea Lane Graveyard Chapel

Tea Lane Graveyard
Church Road

The Tea Lane Graveyard Committee is a voluntary group which was established in 2015 in order to develop the tourism potential of the area. One of the primary objectives of their yearly action plan is to develop the medieval chapel in Tea Lane Graveyard into a unique and intimate concert venue for the use of local and established artists.

They have recently secured Finbar Furey for a concert in this venue, to take place on Wednesday the 28th of August 2019. They wish to purchase an adequate sound system for this event, which may then be used by local artists for concerts at later dates. It is hoped that the venue will go on to be used regularly and funds raised will go directly towards the restoration of the graveyard. The chapel has been used to host events in the past, however it is hoped that this Finbar Furey performance will raise the profile of this heritage site and encourage other established artists to perform here in future.

In addition to sound equipment, the committee also wishes to engage a videographer to create a promotional video of the concert. This will be used as a marketing tool to attract other artists to play in this historic venue.

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