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1st Jul 2024
to 31st Oct 2024

Age Range
16-18 and/or 18+


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First Love

“If you were to write the book of love - an instruction manual for how to love, what would you write?”

Stagecraft Youth Theatre members will work with residents of local nursing homes to investigate love. What is love? How did it feel to fall in love? Is love today the same as love seventy years ago? The project will aim to find the intersections and differences between falling in love at 16 in 2024 and falling in love at 16 in previous decades.

This beautiful project will document members stories of love in both generations. These will be documented in written and video form, creating an archive of love stories.

The stories will then inspire a short film which will be produced by a professional team of creatives, with Stagecraft members working behind the scenes. The short film will star professional actors and members of nursing homes, giving both generations agency in bringing the film to life. 

The project will run over the summer months. The film will eventually be screened in nursing homes and in the local IMC cinema in Clonmel.

Further information will be provided as the project develops. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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