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Fitzsimons Wood Walking Trail

1st Feb 2020
to 1st Aug 2020

Age Range
All ages

Biodiversity includes all living things from the tiniest micro-organisms to the largest whales in the sea. The relationship between plants and animals and their surroundings create the environment in which we live, and they are an essential component of our daily lives.

Fitzsimons Wood in Sandyford is an unusual example of natural forest in a suburban setting. Within a small area it contains several different habitats including broadleaf forest (mainly oak, ash and birch), grassland and gorse. It supports a wide variety of fauna and flora, notably a small herd of Sika deer and a colony of smooth newts.

The development of a walking trail in Fitzsimons Wood is intended to increase local residents and visitors awareness of the local environment, encouraging them to learn about and experience nature in stimulating ways and provide the opportunity and information to explore this local amenity as well as fostering a greater appreciation for this area and the wildlife this woodland supports.

This project began in 2019 but the audit of flora and fauna in this locale was only carried out in 2020.

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