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14th May 2020
to 18th Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

Five Short Films on Wetlands

This project will create five short (2.5min) films on wetlands, which are a crucial natural and cultural asset in Ireland. The treatment will be written following engagement between the commissioning editor, selected experts and the screenwriter who will be commissioned for the project. This will describe the stories for the five films, will be the background for the script and inform the scenes that may illustrate each film. Up to five film makers will be commissioned. The pre-shoot script will be written based on the treatment, informing the shot list and the overall cinematography for each film. The final post-shoot script will be voiced by a well-known voice. The films will be released online.

Specifically, in County Monaghan, there are 711 wetland sites on the Monaghan Wetland Map database. Monaghan Heritage Office has created this database following many years of habitat surveying and mapping. The short book on Monaghan’s Wonderful Wetlands was published in 2019 by Monaghan County Council and is proving to be a popular resource. A Heritage at the Heart podcast was released last year by the heritage office about Sliabh Beagh, the largest area of upland blanket bog in the county. MCC is a partner in the Interreg CANN project which is working to conserve wetlands. 

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