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1st May 2021
to 31st Mar 2022

Age Range
All ages



Years of Pilgrimage: A Return is an audio work to explore the entangled stories of migrations and cultural traditions of Lough Gartan. The podcast takes the Lake as a stage to examine the latent archive of histories and future potential knowledge to explore a deep connection with people and place as it navigates psychosocial explorations, cultural heritage, place, and belonging. We encounter pilgrimage, personal accounts of Gartan clay's protective properties, spiritualism, and tangible and intangible heritage with Lough Gartan as the focus.

The short podcast series tells the stories of the entangled and complex ecologies of heritage, cultural, and archaeological sites across various time registers of Lough Gartan with audio responses from artists Sven Anderson and Orla McHardy, produced by Nick van der Kolk curated and presented by Eilís Lavelle.The audio work explores various personal responses to the area including Gartan Clay's protective properties, alongside accounts of emigrants in the 1950s spending their last night at Leac an Cumhadh or the Stone of Sorrows to ease their sadness, leaving Donegal and Derek Hill's research trips to the Middle East exploring Islamic design.

There is no link available at present for further information about the project but there will be a link to the podcast site when the intro is uploaded. 

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