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1st Jul 2024
to 28th Sep 2024

Age Range
5-8 , 9-12 , 13-15 and/or 16-18



Fostering the development of Art & Model making in our community Ballymote

The Development of Art & Model-Making in our communities, from a Community Games perspective.  Community Games have a wide span of activities ranging from Art to Sport, with the aim of encouraging all children to take part, regardless of their ability, race, gender or social background between the ages of 6-16.  This project will offer a course of guidance, aimed at the children interested in these activities, in order to develop their talents and give them an opportunity to grow their confidence at something that they enjoy doing.  It will also give an opportunity to socialise and mix with other children with similar interests, forging new friendships, while having fun, at the same time.  We would, therefore, have increased participation in our Art & Model Making Competitions into 2025 and beyond.

This idea came about during discussions at our most 2024 AGM, about how to increase participation from children in the community, who may not be involved in sport and how we could possibly develop their interests, from a Community Games perspective.  The plan is that we would employ the services of a local artist, who has experience in working with children.  This person would guide the children in developing their abilities and talents, in the hope that they will continue this and take part in our competitions into 2025 and beyond.

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