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1st May 2023
to 30th Sep 2023

Age Range

Foxford in Tune

For the first time, Admiral Brown Comhaltas and Foxford Brass and Reed Band will unite to bring over 100 musicians, currently involved in two different genre of  music in Foxford, together, for a collaboration of traditional Irish Music, song and dance with brass and reed music. 

This will involve a process of arranging Irish music pieces so that they can be performed in unison between traditional Irish musicians and the brass and reed band. 

The end result will provide listeners with the chance to hear some of the Irish classic tunes with the twist of brass and reed instrumentation.  This creative process and performance will further develop the musicianship of all the performers involved and widen their repertoire while also giving listeners a unique and new experience.  This will be the first collaboration of both music groups .   

Music is very strong in Foxford and this is due in no small way to the foresight of the Sisters of Charity when they formed the Foxford Brass Band in 1896. 

Because this is such a unique collaboration, the creative process and performance will be filmed which will raise more awareness and showcase to a worldwide audience.

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