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Fractured podcast


1st Jul 2021
to 30th Sep 2021

Age Range
All ages

FRACTURED – a family, a nation, a dream... PODCAST

Fractured – a family, a nation, a dream, is a series of short drama scripts, written in soap-format which will be produced as a podcast.

Taken as a whole, the scripts tell the story of the fictional Barry family who find themselves caught up in the Irish fight for freedom.

Set in Kildare, the episodes start with the bombing of Maynooth courthouse in May 1920. Other historical events covered include the Kill, Maynooth and Stacumny ambushes, the railway strike, the hostility against the RIC, the Belfast boycott, and the various debates which raged over the treaty.

All of these events are seen through the eyes of our family.

This podcast is NOT just for history buffs, it is for anyone who loves a great story. Like all good soap, it has love, hate, humour, sacrifice, betrayal – just who IS the informer – and revenge. It will make you laugh and cry.

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