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18th May 2021
to 21st Oct 2021

Age Range
13 - 17

Garter Lane Arts Centre

O'Connell Street

Funny Foreigners

Waterford residents from ethnically diverse backgrounds will be coached to perform stand-up comedy routines of up to 10 minutes in length. The raw material will be gathered in one-to-one brainstorming sessions between each participant and the project leader, an experienced comedy writer and performer.

Participants will be encouraged to talk about anything that's relevant to their lives, things that make them happy, angry, sad, confused, hopeful, frustrated, feel part of Irish society or apart from it. The material will then be shaped into performance-ready routines tailored to each participant's unique personality and circumstances.

The project culminates in a stand-up comedy show featuring all participants and the project leader as MC. This project gives an engaging and empowering voice to frequently overlooked, marginalised and misrepresented communities.

Comedy and satire are excellent vehicles for messages around inclusivity and cross-cultural collaboration. The audience becomes aware of the rich reservoir of talent, cultural diversity and personal stories within communities they might be unfamiliar with, or even wary of. The project is designed to create curiosity, understanding, empathy and respect - not only for the individual participants but for their communities and their challenges.

Tickets for the live show will be available online through Garter Lane Art Centre website in September / October.

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