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16th Oct 2023
to 30th Jun 2024

Age Range
All ages

Gaeilge365 - Aonad Nuálaíochta na Gaeilge

How can we bring the Irish language to life in our communities?

Ciorcal comhrá, classes and translations....Sounds familiar? Sounds a little boring?

Gaeilge365 asks a simple question. What would happen if we could unleash a wave of creativity into the way we think about the Irish language within local government services?

A project of Dublin City Council, Gaeilge365 is harnessing the power of creativity to set a new gold standard in Irish language promotion. We want to show other government bodies and the public that 

Key projects:

  • Binse Comhrá - we will brand benches in public spaces so they connect Irish speakers and spark conversations as Gaeilge.
  • Gael-leabharlannaí - we will connect Irish speaking librarians with the Irish speaking community in their local area by rolling out a creative engagement which makes libraries a hub for Irish speaking communities.
For all projects we will be measuring the number of opportunities to converse which they create e.g. if a Bínse Comhrá sparks 5 conversations as Gaeilge per day, over a 60 day window we will know they it has brought Irish into daily use for 300 people.

Key resources/equipment required:

  • Irish Language Innovator In Residence
  • Graphic Designers & Artists for Bínse Comhrá
  • Gael-leabharlannaí will have digital screens, printing costs, resource development and community outreach streams.


Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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