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1st May 2022
to 1st Nov 2022

Age Range
All ages

Galway Forged Gates Project 2022

The vernacular forged wrought iron field gate is a very valuable, but often neglected, aspect of the cultural heritage of our rural landscape in county Galway. These field gates were for the most part forged in the local blacksmith’s forge. They are practical and functional while at the same time are an artistic expression of the blacksmith who made them.

During the twentieth century cast-iron, tubular steel and other mass produced gates became more common while at the same time the forged wrought iron gates went into decline as did the blacksmiths forge. In addition to this changing farming practices has led to many of these gates being abandoned in hedges and fields throughout the county, as the older forged wrought iron field gates became too small to accommodate new big machines entering fields. However, to the careful observer there are still many beautifully crafted wrought iron field gate to be found around the county.

Therefore, the aim of this project is build on the work undertaken in 2021 and continue to identify, record, raise awareness and knowledge of the wealth of wrought iron field gates that are to be found in the county of Galway. It will also seek to identify the names of the local blacksmiths and their forges. See

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