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29th Sep 2020
to 30th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

Garrett Mallon Goldsmith Video

This project aims to create a series of videos to raise awareness of Garrett Mallon's work as a goldsmith and of the work of other designers that are showcased in the gallery within Garrett Mallon Design House.  The videos will be used to connect and engage with people that are interested in craft.

The videos will show the creation of Garrett's work as a goldsmith working at the bench utilising traditional skills and techniques to create contemporary jewellery in silver and gold and will feature pieces that are linked to the Louth landscape and legends of the area that act as an inspiration for a number of collections. The videos will showcase the classes that are available in the jewellery school for both couples and small groups where they can experience making their own piece of jewellery and learn new skills.

These videos will communicate the strong culture of craft in the region and will raise awareness of craft using the popular medium of visual storytelling.

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