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2nd Nov 2020
to 26th Mar 2021

Age Range
All ages

Gather & Grow: Exploring Our Roots with Seed Scholars’ Forest School

Through this Forest School programme, Eliya Lavine hopes to foster a spirit of community-building through the lens of creative connection with natural heritage. By creating a welcoming and supportive space for participants, she hopes to encourage participants to share their memories of nature with each other and to build new memories through the ample opportunities for creative expression embedded in fireside story-telling and wild cooking, nature-based teamwork exercises, sensory engagement, nature-crafting and skill sharing.

By returning to the same forested space with the same people over the course of the programme, participants will create a lasting relationship with place and community, thereby cementing a strong foundational experience with Irish natural heritage and the people who populate its landscapes. The well-researched benefits of nature experiences for physical and mental wellbeing are thoroughly documented, and this Forest School programme is guaranteed to offer activation of mind and body.

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