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Gathering Heritage

Gathering Heritage is an oral histories project the seeks to preserve our cultural identity via digital recordings. We plan to capture oral histories from local people who want to talk about

their their locality and their lifetime experiences. From memories of historical, economic and social events, to stories about locality through to their own social traditions around holidays and work - we want to capture and preserve these voices for future generations of Louth.

This initiative will capture the oral history of how local towns, villages and landscapes came to be. We want to preserve the stories behind street names, local parks and historical monuments from the people whose genealogy connects back to the very people who gave places their names. Once we have captured this information we want to make is available online via digital podcasts for access across the globe. We plan to create a heritage library of the spoken word that can be searched and found anywhere online. We want to develop an online library for oral histories and heritage that will be rich sound bytes for visitors to Ireland and for the Irish abroad. We want to capture rich authentic audio and pictures of Irish heritage told by the people who have lived here. We want to share this library with the Diaspora abroad and raise awareness among tourist community who research an area before they visit. Finally, we want to detail and record these stories before they are lost with the passage of time.&am

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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