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1st Jun 2021
to 30th Sep 2021

Age Range
All ages

Geashill – In 50 Objects. The Pig on The Green – WeldArt Sculpture

In 2015, while excavating a new pathway to an entrance stile in our village green in Geashill we hit a large stone which turned to be a number of large blocks of cut limestone forming a ‘H’ arrangement. Following research, we discovered this was the site of a large Pig Weighing Scales used to weigh animals at the Geashill Pig fair - one of the biggest in the country in the 1800s! The stone was placed into 2 perennial flower beds now known locally as the “Pig Fair’ beds but we felt this discovery and the presence of the fairs was important to Geashill.

To honour the historical importance of our small village, we have commissioned a Pig Sculpture could be a really nice addition to the village. Luke Carson is a young emerging artist and sculptor living close to the village with a gift in transforming old metal objects into sculptural pieces. He will create a sculpture using old recycled machinery & parts reflecting the importance of farming to the community. He will source most or all of the materials to be used in the sculpture locally. Luke will then create the Sculpture which will be approximately the same size as a female adult pig and which will be placed close to the ‘Pig Fair’ weighing scales in the village centre for people to enjoy. In September, Luke will also carry out some workshops with the pupils of our local national school to talk about creating the sculpture and working with metals. 

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