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Generation Climate Change

1st Oct 2019
to 29th Nov 2019

Age Range

WIT Dance Studio

College Street Campus, Waterford Institute of Technology,
X91 Y074

Generation Climate Change invites young people to enter into the fictional world of 2040 and inhabit the role of climate crisis curators. The workshops are designed using Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert approach, which offers participants a high-quality engagement with the art forms of drama and theatre through imagination, improvisation, role-play and discussion.

Working with two facilitators for a six-week period, the participants are guided through a series of tasks that provide opportunities for creative, critical, and reflective thinking on and responses to the potential impact of the climate crises for the citizens of Waterford, and beyond, and the role of the individual and society in taking action to counteract climate chaos. No previous drama and theatre experience is necessary to participate. The workshops are open to children aged 7 to 10. If you want to re-invent a different future in the face of climate chaos, then Generation Climate Change needs you!

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