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18th May 2022
to 31st Aug 2022

Age Range
All ages

Pobal Eascarrach

Ballina Resource Centre
Ballina Estate
F92 XH70

Geocaching Heritage Project

Geocaching is a global outdoor recreation activity, somewhat like a treasure hunt, where seekers use GPS devices to find physical hidden stashes or objects. The information about the location of hidden caches in different areas is available from the Geocaching App which users can install for free on their smartphones. Many caches are hidden in places with either a historical story or a scenic area and therefore can enrich a visitor’s experience of the area.

Mna Eascarrach - a local women’s group in Falcarragh - will use this app to hide caches around the townland of Cloughaneely and provide information on areas that they believe are important, both historically and culturally. With the assistance of a creative facilitator they will learn how to use the app, navigate to hidden caches and log their finds. They will research how different geocache members use the Geocaching app as a way to impart information about places of interest and history of the area. They will learn how to navigate and pinpoint their location on a map. Finally, they will choose an area of interest to place their own hidden cache, provide historical and cultural information regarding the area and submit it for publication on the geocache app. The  target audience will be Tourists, walkers, families.

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