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12th Jun 2023
to 21st Aug 2023

Age Range
All ages

Sallins Community Centre


Get Together

Get Together” is a collaborative project, curated by Kasia Eliasz, that brings together people with Down Syndrome and established artists in various art forms. The project is designed to explore creative dance, drama, visual arts, and music.

The goal of the project is to provide opportunities for individuals with Down Syndrome to engage in artistic expression and to promote inclusivity and diversity within the arts community. By collaborating with established artists, the project aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas and techniques, and to encourage experimentation and innovation in the creative process. “Get Together” aims to offer more than just activities for individuals with disabilities; it strives to provide a truly professional art experience by collaborating with renowned artists in Ireland. The project has been made possible through the funding from Creative Ireland, and support from Kildare County Council and Down Syndrome. Their funding and support have enabled the project to provide resources and opportunities for the participants to fully explore their artistic potential. 

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