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1st Apr 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

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Steamboat Quay

Give Me Strength

James Poole, Give Me Strength

Give Me Strength is a game that explores stream of consciousness. The player sees the world from the mind’s eye of our protagonist, developer James Poole. The game encourages the player to clear their mind as they sift through a barrage of both mundane and profound thoughts in James head.

The vision is to create a representation of our everyday thoughts and concerns in a 3D environment that the Player is able to walk around and interact with. Every moment of every day, our heads are a cacophony of thoughts and worries. With this piece, Poole wants to take a snapshot of those thoughts and allow the Player to experience it in a meditative environment. Through its nature it will encourage the Player to pause and reflect on what they hear and see, and how they can relate this to their relationship with their own thoughts.

Upon entering the game, the Player will be met with an open environment that is inhabited by hundreds of models of the same person, ambling about and talking over each other. Each one of these people represent a thought, waiting to be uncovered or forgotten. The noise of everyone speaking makes it impossible to make out anything discernible. The Player will need to proceed forward to focus in on specific conversations to gradually piece together a picture of what kind of a person that our subject is, thought by thought.

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