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5th May 2020
to 6th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

Golden Communities – ‘The Heritage of Our Places’: Templeport Golden Way

Golden Communities – ‘The Heritage of Our Places’ is co-ordinated by the Heritage Office of Cavan County Council and supported by Creative Ireland. 

Templeport Golden Way is a rural walk in West Cavan. As part of this project, three artists worked alongside the local community group, Templeport Development Association through a series of facilitated workshops and visits to the Golden Way. Artists included a visual artist, a poet and filmmaker, all three engaged with local people and encouraged them to look at their local way differently – the wonderful natural heritage, what makes this place special, unique, and most importantly pride of a place. 

Through the work of the three artists, the local community is enabled to view their Golden Way differently - capture the magic of their place creatively. Working in partnership with the artists empowered the local community to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

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