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1st Sep 2019
to 9th Dec 2019

Age Range

Hands in Harmony Deaf Community Centre

96a O'Connell Street

Hands in Harmony

Hands in Harmony Deaf Community Choir will work with Opera Workshop to explore ways to integrate Irish Sign Language and classical singing in a musical conversation. Through a series of workshops, which will be captured on film, Hands in Harmony and Opera Workshop will explore  song performance and narrative leading to a sharing of the work at a live performance in November 2019.

The project will highlight the positive impact music has on the Deaf community and how Deaf and hearing can be united through music. The choir comprises of a mixture of hearing and Deaf participants, who see the choir as a way of positively promoting ‘ability’ in the Deaf community and to highlight the importance of ISL, the third national language since December 2017. It draws awareness to the Deaf community and the language barriers that Deaf people experience in wider society due to a lack of understanding of their language, culture and history.

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