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1st May 2024
to 30th Nov 2024

Age Range
All ages

Brennan's Bar

New Bermingham

Harmony of Generations

This project is a documentary film about Buddy’s pub and the cultural history of Glengoole. Its purpose is to celebrate the community spirit that exists within Glengoole, and to explore the importance of social connection within the rural communities of Ireland. 

The film will have a local premiere in November and will be screened at film festivals worldwide thereafter. Details of the premiere and Irish screenings will be made available online and in local newspapers in advance of the events.

A short description of the film: 

In a rural Tipperary community that longs for connection, a third-generation pub owner strives to keep the community alive. The film will document the long-standing tradition of Irish traditional music in Buddy’s pub, and will follow its latest iteration: a monthly traditional music evening called ‘The First Friday Sessions’. 

Through the lens of the pub, the film will explore the cultural heritage of Glengoole and its ever-changing nature, while collecting previously undocumented songs, stories & poems that originated in the area. 

This documentary film will demonstrate the community spirit that has existed in the heart of Glengoole for over a century. It will ask the question of what will happen to communities such as these in a globalised future.

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