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8th Apr 2024
to 31st Jul 2024

Age Range
All ages

Harvest Home

The thatched cottage is as indelibly linked to the rural Irish landscape as the adobe style building is to Spain or the igloo is to Greenland. With their picturesque golden straw roofs and sometimes mud wall structures, they are as much a part of Irish postcard history as the Guinness harp or the bog donkey and cart.  While we have noticed a decline in the overall numbers of thatched properties in the Country, there are still quite a few remaining in County Offaly. In this project, local film maker, Padraic Seery will create a short documentary showing the re-thatching of a cottage located in Killeigh, Co. Offaly using traditional oaten straw which will include an interview with a local thatcher as he talks about how he learned the craft of thatching and discusses the actual process of thatching through the use of archival local materials. It is proposed to launch the film in time for Heritage Week and that it be shown at a local venue. Confirmed details to follow.

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