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1st May 2023
to 30th Jun 2023

Age Range

Hearth – Art for Older People at Home

The arts are a naturally effective tool in combating loneliness.  Experience of the arts teaches us to see our world in a different way. This is the reason why Hearth has been developed – to nurture older people in our communities.

Hearth opens a new world for participants by bringing the richness of the visual arts into their homes and providing them with the opportunity to engage in culture, heritage and creativity and develop their own creative lives under the guidance of a professional artist. 

The feedback from the participants in the project and the evidence of the work they are producing are the most telling proof of the effectiveness of the initiative and its capacity to inject new meaning, stimulus and excitement into the lives of older people. It nurtures their creative talent. The mind has a great capacity to learn, discover and create. It can appreciate the beautiful and artful, whether in the literary or visual arts.

Heart has found that feelings of loneliness and depression have been lifted for participants through engagement with artwork – participants, their family members and the artist/facilitators have reported this to be true. The group exhibitions and get togethers also encourage communication and friendship.

The Hearth project in 2023 will be a series of 10 workshops with four older people in Achill   facilitated by artist Breda Mayock.

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